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Hoisting Winches

Hoisting Winches

Specifically designed by Brevini, these winches are able to satisfy the needs of OEMs that manufacture drilling machinery, earth-moving equipment, and stationary or truck cranes. These new series of winches have been designed in conformity to FEM standards. Main characteristics of these winches are high performance and reduced dimensions, thanks to the Brevini planetary gearbox installed inside the drum. They have a wide range of accessories available: grooved drum (standard or special), double drum, frameless winch, setup for drum rpm counter, rope winding control system, cable gland, special coating, and rope installation on the winch. These winches made by Brevini are sophisticated machines: products that ensure flexible operation, great reliability and safety, for both the standard and special versions.



  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Great value for money.
  • Compact size.
  • Flexible with axial or orbital motors


Recovery Winches


New series of  compact hydraulic winches. The winches, ranging from 3,600 to 30,000 kg, have as a standard feature the integrated negative lamellar brake and a manual declutch system (hydraulic or pneumatic are also available on request). A hydraulic motor-driven unit with variable  displacement can also be installed on larger versions. The power generated by the hydraulic motor-driven unit is transferred to the drum by way of planetary gear units incorporated in the drum. A complete range of accessories, such as rope guides and pressure rollers, are available on request.



  • Integrated negative lamellar brake.
  • Manual declutch system (hydraulic or pneumatic available on request)
  • Hydraulic motor-driven unit with variable displacement can be installed on larger versions.


 Winch Drives


These Brevini planetary gear units with rotating outer casing are designed to fit into the winch drum. The performance of both the PWD and SLW-SLC series has been rated in conformity with FEM M5 standards with an output speed of 15 rpm, the world standards on the market for self-propelled and onboard cranes.

Brevini winch drives are the ideal solution for all lifting applications: our planetary gear are especially designed for use as winch drives inside cable drums, available with hydraulic and electric motor adaptor. The SMW Series have a planetary pre-stage reduction gear on the input side. They feature two close-mounted flanges, one of which is attached to the winch frame and the other of which is fixed to the cable drum, the drive housing therefore acts as the main drum mounting.


  • Flexible to all drum dimensions and lifting specifications.
  • Hydraulically operated, mult-disc, negative lamellar brake
  • Performance figures refer to FEM standards, class M5 (T5-L2) for output speeds of 15 rpm.
  • Type Approval Certificate from Det Norske Veritas.