Simotics 1LE1

Product Details

Simotics 1LE1 Standard Motors

Increasing energy costs have resulted in greater emphasis on the power consumption of drive systems. It is extremely important to utilize the full potential for minimizing energy consumption here to secure competitiveness today and in the future. The environment will also profit from reduced energy consumption.

This is the reason that already today we are developing a new generation of low-voltage motors. Innovative rotors create the perfect conditions for motors with a high degree of efficiency. IE1 and IE2 motors with the same output have the same dimensions. The new motors for IE2 (High Efficiency) offer considerable energy savings and protect our environment. We also consider environmental sustainability during production to preserve resources. Potting compounds and coatings are, for example, solvent-free.

The modular mounting concept provides total flexibility: Each motor is based on a uniform concept for all markets worldwide. Our motors are manufactured in accordance with the latest ecological concepts and are launched on the market step by step.

The new 1LE1 motor family is therefore one of the most compact in the world, because it is manufactured using innovative technology. For an optimized design, a compound of highly conductive materials is used in the rotor. This results in minimum rotor losses and an excellent starting and switching response.

The design of the 1LE1 motors ensures maximum flexibility and minimum installation costs. Users benefit from integral eyebolts, screw-on feet, reinforced bearing plates with optimum mechanical properties and easily accessible connection boxes. Encoders, brakes and separately driven fans can also be added without any problems. Smaller inventories make stockkeeping easier, so motor suppliers can respond to customer requirements more quickly.

The 1LE1/1PC1 motor family comprises two main series:

  • For SIMOTICS GP general purpose applications: Motors with an aluminum housing
    SIMOTICS GP 1LE1/1PC1 motors with an aluminum housing are suitable for a wide range of standard drive tasks in the industrial environment. Thanks to their particular low weight, they are predestined for applications in pumps, fans and compressors. But they also reliably fulfill their tasks in conveyor systems and lifting gear.


Technical Spesification:

Output and voltage range: 0.75 … 200 kW
for all commonly used voltages
Frame sizes and types of construction: 100 … 315
in all common types of construction
Rated speed: 750 … 3600 rpm
Number of poles: 2, 4, 6, 8
Efficiency classes:
  • IE1 (Standard Efficiency)
  • IE2 (High Efficiency)
  • IE3 (Premium Efficiency)
  • NEE (NEMA Energy Efficient according to NEMA MG Table 12-11)
  • NPE (NEMA Premium Efficient according to NEMA MG Table 12-12)