Simotics 1LE0

Product Details

Simotics 1LE0 Standard Motors

The 1LE0 series of high efficiency 3 phase asynchronous motors with cast iron housing is Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) with IP55 environmental protection, and applicable for general purpose use. These motors are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO, IEC standards, GB standards.

The 1LE0 series motor is designed for constant or adjustable speed with continuous

duty operation (S1) over a speed range.


The low-voltage motor unique key features:


  1. Low vibration

The low vibration results from our precision manufacturing and the use of defined and controlled quality components. The quality bearings used augment this and result in longer life and lower noise.


  1. Drain hole as standard (1LE0)

Drain holes as standard make sure condensed water does not stay inside of the motor. This is especially important in humid environment and big temperature deltas.


  1. Bearing for high cantilever forces and longer life time

Bearings in our motors are not only designed for high cantilever forces, but also to make sure the motors run smooth.


  1. True IP55 as standard

Our IP55 design covers a vast majority of applications and is tested and proven for full lifetime, plus you have the full modification possibility within IP55 rating.


  1. F to B thermal class for built-in reserve

The Siemens motors are rated at normal sinusoidal voltage with a class B (130 °C) temperature rise. The windings are rated to class F (155 °C) thus allowing for reserve for. The additional losses associated with variable speed drive operation and / or higher ambient temperature and / or overload conditions when operating directly on-line. F to F is possible for converter-fed operation.


  1. Converter-fed operation for variable speed as standard

For all motors offered up to 460 V converter-fed operation is possible as standard configuration – no special option or series is needed.