Standard Series 3VU

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Standard Series 3VU

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The 3VU13, 3VU16 circuit-breakers are compact circuit-breakers for currents up to 80A which operate according to the current limiting principle. The devices are used for switching and protecting motors or other loads. They are fitted with instantaneous overcurrent releases and inverse-time delayed overload relay, 3VU16 can also be supplied with instantaneous overcurrent releases only. Circuit-breakers and contactors can be combined to form fuseless starter combinations.

The 3VU13, 3VU16 circuit-breakers are suitable for use in any climate. They are designed for operation in enclosed rooms, under good operating conditions (e.g. no dust, corrosive steam or damaging gases). They must be suitably encapsulated before being installed in dusty and humid rooms. The standards to which the breakers have been constructed, permissible ambient temperatures, maximum making and breaking capacity,tripping currents and other limiting operational conditions, are given in the technical data and tripping characteristics.



Circuit-breakers for motor protection


3VU13 0.1~25A

3VU16 1~52A


The characteristic curves of these circuit-breakers are specially laid-out for the overload and short-circuit protection of motors. The inverse-time delayed releases (“a releases”) are adjustable for setting the rated current of the motors to be protected. The instantaneous short-circuit releases (“n releases”) are fixed-set to 12 times the value so as to assure faultless starting of the motors.