3VT Mould Case Circuit Breakers

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3VT Mould Case Circuit Breakers

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3VT Mould Case Circuit Breakers, Featuring a particularly compact design, the 3VT molded case circuit breakers meet all requirements placed upon space-saving electrical distribution systems – in a power range from 16 A to 1600 A.

Depending on requirements, the universal and communication-capable circuit breakers are available for line and motor protection, for starter combinations or as non-automatic circuit breakers. The respective trip units are available either as thermal-magnetic (16 A to 630 A) or electronic (63 A to 1600 A) trip units. With only two ranges of internal accessories, 3VT circuit breakers offer maximum versatility at minimum expense.


  • Interchangeable electronic trip units
  • Comprehensive connection solutions
  • 1.5 mm2 – 4 x 300 mm2
  • Modular accessories
  • switches
  • auxiliary releases
  • drives
  • For industrial applications
  • withdrawable design
  • plug-in design
  • Software support
  • SIMARIS design (in preparation)