sitrans p250

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Sitrans P250

Order No: 7MF1641-….-….

The SITRANS P250 is a compact single range transmitter for measuring differential pressure. The differential pressure will be detected with a ceramics sensor and tranformed into an output signal of 4–20-mA- resp. 0-5-V- resp. 0–10-V. The version with 0-10 V output signal can be connected directly to the LOGO!24 process controller.


  • High measuring accuracy
  • Sturdy stainless steel enclosure
  • For aggressive and non-aggressive media
  • For the measurement of the differential pressure of liquids and gases
  • Temperature-compensated measuring cell
  • Compact design


Technical Spesification:

Input Spesification / Measuring Range


Bar Psi
Differential Pressure 0…0.1 to 0…25 0…1.45 to 0…363
Operating Pressure ≤ 25 at Diff Press > 6 ≤ 363 at Diff Press > 87.12
Burst Pressure 1.5 x Operating Pressure


Output Spesification


Current Signal Voltage Signal
Value 4…20mA 0…5 V DC & 0…10 V DC
Load 3 Wire > 10 KΩ
2 Wire 0.02 A



Electrical Connection

  • Plug EN 175301-803-A
  • Circular plug EN 60130-9
  • Cable 1.5 m