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Simocode 3UF

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Flexible, open and reliable – made-to-measure motor management system. How can faults in a plant and the resulting costly plant downtimes be prevented and how can optimum motor utilization be ensured? What is the best way to avoid faults in your system and detect pending failures at an early stage? Our answer: Smart motor management with SIMOCODE pro – a reliable partner for 25 years.

SIMOCODE pro is the flexible and modular motor management system for low-voltage motors. It can be connected easily and directly to your automation system via PROFIBUS or PROFINET. It covers all functional requirements between the motor feeder and the automation system – including the safety-related disconnection of motors – and combines in just one compact system all required protection, monitoring, safety and control functions. Thus, process control quality is increased while reducing costs at the same time – from planning through installation to operation or maintenance of a plant or system.

Get ready for present and future requirements and benefit from SIMOCODE pro:

  • Save time, space and money
  • Discover the simplicity of the system, thanks to fewer components for all required functions
  • Protect your flexibility with the aid of optional expansion modules
  • Gain transparency throughout your system with extensive data provision

SIMOCODE pro System

The SIMOCODE pro motor management series comprises functionally-graded devices:

  1. The smart, compact SIMOCODE pro S motor management system facilitates entry level motor management. Our flexible, cost-optimized solution comprising a basic unit and an optional expansion module ranks below SIMOCODE pro V but still provides connection to PROFIBUS.
    The most important current basic requirements in terms of motor control, monitoring and protection are already integrated: From simple overload protection down to motor feeders with direct-on-line, reversing or star-delta start-up, including thermistor motor protection and earth-fault monitoring.
  2. The intelligent, variable SIMOCODE pro V system offers even more functional scope. With the basic unit and a maximum of five expansion modules you profit from even more highlights such as voltage and active power measuring, fail-safe disconnection and PROFINET connection.