Simotics 1LA

Product Details

Simotics 1LA / 1LG Motors

Standard motors from Siemens are characterized by their flexibility, ruggedness and energy efficiency. In general, all motors are suitable for converter-fed operation with line voltages of up to 460 V +10 %. The motors are designed to fulfill the requirements of the European and international markets with an output range from 0.09 to 315 kW.

Standard motors for use worldwide

IEC motors for the European and international market

The standard motors comply both electrically and mechanically with the applicable IEC/EN standards. For exporting to China, CCC certified motors (China Compulsory Certification) can be supplied.

IEC motors specially for the North American market

Motors are also available to the NEMA specification (National Electrical Manufacturers Association), with UL approval (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) and CSA certification (Canadian Standard Association) for exporting to NAFTA states (USA, Canada and Mexico). The mechanical design of all motors is compliant only to IEC/EN, not to NEMA dimensions.

NEMA motors for the North American market

High efficiency energy-saving motors for a positive energy balance

Depending on requirements, energy-saving motors for a positive energy balance are available that are compliant with the legal requirements applicable in the European economic area in accordance with EU Directive 640/2009 as well as for the North American market in accordance with US federal law EISA (Energy Independence Security Act).

Minimum efficiency according to EU Directive 640/2009

The EU Directive defines the minimum efficiency for 2, 4 and 6-pole motors in the output range from 0.75 to 375 kW. The efficiency levels are grouped into 3 efficiency classes (IE = International Efficiency):

  • IE1 (Standard Efficiency)
  • IE2 (High Efficiency)
  • IE3 (Premium Efficiency)