Sinamics G120P for Pump

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Sinamics G120P for Pump, Fan and Compressor Inverters

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Energy awareness, economy and energy efficiency – Siemens offers an answer to these trends with the new SINAMICS G120P inverter series. SINAMICS G120P is an innovative and user-friendly inverter series that has been specifically optimized for pump, fan and compressor applications in the industrial environment, but also for tasks in building automation.

SINAMICS G120P offers efficient drive solutions for a wide range of applications. With their easy handling, the drives support the user not only in optimizing existing frequency-controlled drives, but also in converting fixed-speed drives and in retrofitting.

The SINAMICS G120P inverter series features advanced hardware and software functions that make a substantial contribution towards saving energy and thus make more careful use of our natural resources. SINAMICS G120P is also particularly “line-friendly”, i.e. the inverter topology keeps harmonic currents to a minimum. Additional components such as line reactors are not required and it is not permissible to use them. As a consequence, low envelope dimensions are obtained for space-saving designs.

SINAMICS G120P has the following connections and interfaces in order to address specific requirements:

  • Fieldbus interface of the CU230P-2 Control Unit optionally with
    • RS485/USS, Modbus/RTU, BACnet MS/TP
    • CANopen
  • Pt1000/LG-Ni1000 interface for direct connection of temperature sensors
  • 230 V relay for direct connection of auxiliary equipment
  • Isolated digital inputs with a separate potential group to prevent potential transfers
  • Isolated analog inputs for EMC-compatible installation without the need for additional components


Voltage and Power Range

3 Phase 380 V – 480 V AC -20% / +10%
0.37 kW – 90 kW