helical and bevel helical gearboxes

Product Details

Helical and Bevel Helical Gearboxes


This integrated line of helical and bevel helical gearboxes is made in Germany by the Brevini manufacturing unit PIV Drives. These gear units are produced with state of the art design, material, and manufacturing technologies for maximum power and reliability within a cost-effective package. With the POSIRED range of gearboxes, PIV Drives covers the whole spectrum of power transmission solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications: from the environmental and recycling technology to material handling and cranes, from the chemical industry to the cement and steel sector. The POSIRED is based on a modular system, and ensures high efficiency, reliable operation, flexibility and short delivery times. Many standard options with a great variety of versions guarantee optimal adaptation in almost all areas of mechanical engineering. Fans, cooling coils, external oil coolers, heating rods, torque supports, engine consoles, sub-constructions and operation monitoring systems are available.


Features helical and bevel helical gearboxes:

  • Cost effective selection for each application is assured by a torque-dense product range.
  • High product quality, totally made in Germany.
  • Flexibility that allows for more versatile applications.
  • Tailor-made customization from a modular system.