Product Details

Sitrans TH100 ( PT100 )

Order No: 7NG3211-0….

SITRANS TH100 is designed for economic plant operation and reliable measurements.  Used in conjunction with Pt100 resistance thermometers, the SITRANS TH100 transmitters are ideal for measuring temperatures in all industries.   Its extremely compact design makes it ideal for retrofitting or for the use of analog transmitters. The transmitter is available as a non-Ex version as well as for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.



  • Two-wire transmitter
  • Assembly in connection head type B (DIN 43729) or larger, or on a standard DIN rail
  • Can be programmed, which means that the sensor connection, measuring range, etc. can also be programmed
  • Intrinsically-safe version for use in potentially explosive areas


Technical Spesification:

Resistance Thermometer Measured Variable Temperature
Sensor Type PT 100
Curve Linear to Temperature
Connection 2, 3 0r 4 Wire Systems
Output Signal 4…20 mA two-wire


Factory Setting:

  • Pt100 (IEC 751) with 3-wire system
  • Measuring range: 0 … 100 °C (32 … 212 °F)
  • Error signal in the event of sensor breakage: 22.8 mA
  • Sensor offset: 0 °C (0 °F)
  • Damping 0.0 s