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     October 4, 2014

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Sirius Contactor 3RT

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The SIRIUS modular system in sizes S00 and S0 up to 40 A has been completely revised with respect to both the main and control circuit. As a result, the innovative basic components such as motor starter protectors and contactors provide a host of advantages to optimize your plant, today and in the future. Often the innovation is to be found in the details. Such as more power in the same design and the bundling of functions in basic units for notable space savings, for example.

At the same time, the innovations enable the greatest flexibility. Whether you need direct-on-line starting, reverse starting or wye-delta starting for customer assembly, as a tested combination or an “all-in-one” solution complete with the compact starter, for soft starting or for frequent switching, the SIRIUS modular system has the answer to match.

Another aspect in the focus of the new developments was the enhancement of plant availability. In future, SIRIUS components from the modular system can even be used at minimum expense to monitor the application. Selective plant monitoring then becomes utterly simple – with current monitoring relays integrated directly in the load feeder or configured from the controller via the load feeder connection to AS-Interface or IO-Link.

Sizes S00 and S0 of the 3RT1 contactors and 3RA1 contactor assemblies are replaced by the 3RT2 and 3RA2 series. (However, the previous versions are still available.)

These innovations are the perfect low-end supplement to today’s modular system sizes S2 to S12 up to 250 kW at 400 V and offer many new options for the construction of control cabinets.


Connection Methode ­­

The 3RT1 contactors are available with screw terminals (box terminals) or spring-type terminals. The size S3 contactors have removable box terminals for the main conductor connections. This permits connection of ring terminal lugs or busbars.