PAC Measuring Device 7KM

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PAC Measuring Device 7KM

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7KM PAC measuring devices: 7KM PAC3200 (left), 7KM PAC3100 (center) and 7KM PAC4200 (right) The 7KM PAC measuring devices are used to measure and indicate all relevant network parameters in low-voltage power distribution. They can be used for single-phase measurements as well as for multiphase measurements in 3 and 4-conductor networks (TN, TT, IT).

Energy values for main distribution boards, electrical feeders or individual loads are recorded precisely and reliably, and important measured values are supplied in addition for assessing the state of the plant and the quality of the network. The 7KM PAC3100 measuring device is fitted with an integrated Modbus RTU interface via RS485, which means there is no need for an expansion module.

When, where, and how much energy is used – transparent information is provided by the new 7KM PAC3200 measuring device. This device can be used wherever electrical energy is distributed. 7KM PAC3200 records more than 50 electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power, energy values, frequency, power factor and symmetry. The compact and high-performance power monitoring device records all consumption data extremely accurately and reliably.



  • Simple mounting and commissioning
  • High IP65 degree of protection (front side, when installed) permits use in extremely dusty and wet environments
  • Intuitive operation via 4 function buttons and multilingual plain text displays
  • Easy adaptation to different systems using integrated and optional digital inputs and outputs
  • Communication interfaces
  • Worldwide use
  • Min. 8 languages
  • International approvals
  • Developed and tested to European and international standards
  • Low mounting depth