3WT Air Circuit Breakers

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3WT Air Circuit Breakers

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3WT Air Circuit Breakers, Siemens offers automation, drive, and low-voltage switching technology as well as industrial software from standard products up to entire industry solutions. The industry software enables our industry customers to optimize the entire value chain – from product design and development through manufacture and sales up to after-sales service. Our electrical and mechanical components offer integrated technologies for the entire drive train from couplings to gear units, from motor stop control and drive solutions for all engineering industries. Our technology platform TIP offers robust solutions for power distribution.


3WT Air Circuit Breakers

The Smart Choice




  • New electronic trip units (ETU) with outstanding features.
  • Only two frame sizes cover a broad range of applications from 400 A to 4000 A, up to 66 kA at 500V, 3- or 4-pole version, fixed-mounted, withdrawable version.
  • All components can be combined in a modular way.



Ease of Use


  • User friendliness in planning, configuration, installation and operation.
  • Wide range of accessories for both frame sizes can be easily retrofitted.
  • Displays for all electronic trip units (ETU).





  • High degree of protection with door sealing frame in the case of exclusively local operation of the circuit breaker
  • Infeed supply from above or below, as required
  • Locking of the withdrawable circuit breaker against moving, as standard
  • Locking of the guide frame with the circuit breaker removed, as standard
  • Signaling switch for overload and short-circuit tripping with mechanical closing lockout
  • High degree of protection with cover IP55
  • Mechanical closing lockout after overload or short-circuit tripping as standard
  • The circuit breaker is always equipped with the required number of auxiliary supply connectors