5SY Miniatur Circuit Breakers

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5SY Miniatur Circuit Breakers

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5SY Miniatur Circuit Breakers, Miniature circuit breakers are used to protect systems and installations in buildings and for industrial applications.

Used in industrial applications and plant engineering, miniature circuit breakers can be supplemented with additional components, such as auxiliary switches, fault signal contacts, shunt trips, undervoltage releases, remote controlled mechanism, RC units, and arc fault detection devices.



  • The infeed can be either from the top or the bottom as the terminals are identical
  • Clear and visible conductor connection that can be easily checked in front of the busbar
  • The conductor is easily inserted into the terminal thanks to the large and easily accessible wiring space
  • Double terminal chambers permit accommodation of 2 wires of different cross-sections
  • Quick and easy manual removal of miniature circuit breakers from the busbar assembly, for example if connections need to be changed
  • Time-saving replacement of parts as busbars no longer need to be freed from adjacent devices
  • The 5SY miniature circuit breakers are ideal for the quick and easy mounting of auxiliary switches and fault signal contacts
  • Captive metal brackets on additional components ensure the quick and easy mounting of devices on the miniature circuit breakers without the need for tools