Simoreg DC Master

Product Details

  • Date

     October 4, 2014

  • Category

     DC Drive

Simoreg DC – Master

SIMOREG DC MASTER family is available in every possible variation – for a power range from 6.3 kW to1900 kW, for armature and field supply and for single/two or four-quadrant operation. And the SIMOREG DC MASTERs feature a higly dynamic response: Their current or torque rise time is significantly below 10 ms. You will always find the right variant for your application. And these are their most important characteristics:

    • For total integration into every automation environment
    • Modular expansion capability throughout
    • From standard applications to high-performance solutions
    • Redundant drive configurations up to 12,000 A thanks to intelligent parallel connection
    • Rated input voltage from 400 V to 950 V
    • Quick and easy start-up thanks to the fully electronic parameterization of all settings
    • Uniform operating philosophy


SIMOREG DC MASTER naturally also feature the unique characteristic of Siemens products: TIA – Totally Integrated Automation. You profit from the totallly integrated Siemens world during project engineering and programming as well as with the common database and system-wide communication.